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what is nociceptive pain?


This is the type of pain that we all  have had at some point.


It is caused by actual or potential damage to tissues. For example, a cut, a burn, an injury, a bruise, or pressure from an internal mass such as a tumor or a cyst, can all cause nociceptive pain.  The reason we feel pain in these situations is because the injury activates or damages the tiny nerve endings which then send pain messages to the brain via  nerves.


Nociceptive pain is an adaptive response associated with a withdrawal reflex to a potentially dangerous stimulus.

Nociceptive pain tends to be sharp or aching. It also tends to be eased well by traditional painkillers such as paracetamol, optalgin, anti-inflammatory painkillers, codeine, morphine and other opiates.

Nociceptive pain is usually seen in acute clinical settings, such as trauma, diagnostic medical procedures, operations and child-births.


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