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Appreciation letter from the current Minister of Health, Yaakov Litzman

"I was happy to read the letter of Ms. x, describing a decade of running around and hassles between doctors and clinics, until she found you. You, with dedication and professionalism, wholeheartedly provided relief.

Thanks to you, we strengthen the public trust in the Israeli Health System, and for this I thank you.


Rabbie Yaakov Litzman

Minister of Health"

Dear Dr. Landau de Shalit, 


Thanks to you, my life has changed. Your diagnosis and your injections helped me forget about the pain. Thank you so much also for taking the time to listen and to explain...




Dr.  Landau de Shalit,


I don't know how to thank you enough for your care. I feel so much better now, thanks to you. I am not afraid anymore of being active. You have taught me how to manage my pain, and I feel I have regained control over my life.




Dear Dr. de Shalit,


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern and dedication and for your help with exceptional human and special treatment.  Greetings





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